Junior Tennis Designed for all ages & levels

The Michiana Tennis Academy  A program designed to create lifetime tennis players

Our Programs

Our professional coaching staff will provide the students with sound fundamentals and technical improvement. Our students can range from future high school and/or collegiate players to truly sound recreational players who want to learn a lifelong sport. Regardless of the eventual path of our participants, the Michiana Tennis Academy is designed to develop the junior tennis player without losing the emphasis on providing a fun and social environment for the students.

Our philosophy for each class is level based. Each student will be placed and then participate in a particular class based on their individual skill level. Academy directors, Arul and Laura, will work with each student to determine the best fit for their continued progress.

Please Note:  If your son/daughter has a conflict with what time they depart from school and may struggle making their respective class on time, please do not worry. We will make adjustments to your monthly bill. We do not want any student to feel they can’t participate in a class if they arrive late.

Level Of Play

Level One & Two Classes – “Regulation Balls”: Perfect for juniors who have some experience with the sport and are looking to improve their technique, tennis mindset, and endurance/physical fitness – Ages 12 to 18.

Level Three Classes – “Green Dot Balls”: Students will develop their skills and tennis mindset in a fun and engaging environment with green dot balls – Ages 8 to 11.

Future Stars Classes – “Red Balls”: Skills development using fun drills and age appropriate games – Ages 5 to 7.

LevelDay & TimeFrequencyPrice
Level One & Two ClassesM – F
5:00 – 7:00 PM
3-5 days/week
2 days/week
Level Three ClassesM, W & F
4:00 – 5:30 PM
3 days/week
2 days/week
Future Stars ClassesM, W & F
4:00 – 5:00 PM
3 days/week
2 days/week


Michiana Tennis Academy Director:  Arul Amalnathan

Email:  michianatennisacademy@gmail.com

Arul Amalnathan and Laura Whitney are directors of the academy –  both are accomplished players & have coached the sport for 20+ years.

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